Construction began in early 2016 on this attractive 30’ Custom Runabout, styled with subtle Art Deco cues blended with signature elements of 1940s Ventnor runabouts.

With a beam of 8’ 7”, Catnip will comfortably seat 5 and offers other comforts such as; opulent storage space, a retracting Dietrich top that disappears below deck, an ice chest in the seat base, flip up bolster for the helm seat, a custom banjo-steering wheel with tilt helm, and a hidden-retractable 12” chart plotter.

A 100-gallon fuel tank feeds a pair of customized 385 h.p. Ilmor aluminum V8s driving through Borg-Warner V-Drives.  Along with other CNC-cut billet hardware, Catnip sports unique transom-hung rudders as well as sculpted stainless exhaust tips integrated into the roll of her transom.  Raked ACME propellers provide the thrust to move her 6,500 pounds (1/2 load) at a brisk 50+ knots.  Her efficient Ilmors offering her a range exceeding 150 miles at a 25 mph cruise.

Catnip travels on a custom, tandem axle trailer matched to her bottom for a glove fit.  A full mooring and trailering cover will keep her pristine and ready to go at a moment’s notice.

  • LOA: 30′
  • Beam: 8′ 6″
  • Displacement: 6,200 lbs
  • Fuel: 100 gal
  • Power: (2) Ilmor MV8 6.0L @ 385 h.p. each
  • Speed: 60 + knots

Catnip…need we say more.

It’s been an amazing ride

Shop Manager, Chad James, lofts the patterns for the frames

Kimbo review the plans for Catnip

Teal cuts the frames

Teal traces the patterns for the frames

Laminating the stringers

Kimbo checks one of the stringers

The glue sets on the transom

Kimbo and Teal assemble one of the frames

The stringers

Kimbo and Teal stand the frames up

Standing the frames

Beginning to take shape

A view from the front

Frame work for Catnip

Putting the chine on

The notches for the chine

Kimbo attaching the chine

Chad gluing the transom margin into place

Attaching the bustle

Shaping the battens

Working on the notches for the battens

Attaching the battens

Planking has begun

First layer of planking


Rolled over

Varnishing the interior of the stern

First layer of planking on the bottom of the hull

Finishing the first layer if planking on the bottom of the hull

The exhaust tips

Chad fitting one of the exhaust tips

Started the final layer of planking

Final layer of planking

Planking completed

Working together to sand the hull

Rolling the hull

Resin coating the interior

Fitting the one of the cockpit and engine hatch carlins

Kimbo prepping for covering board lamination

Gluing the radiused sheer log

Teal prepping engine room for final varnish

Exhaust tip

Fitting the covering board

Thor washerin’ up screws…the smallest details are done with care

Aft deck planking carefully measured, spaced and trimmed before application

Exhaust tips being fitted

Machining the beautiful dash panel

Twenty-first century design and strategic engineering of Catnip’s unique seating will be brought to life by the hands of our skilled craftsman

Such intriguing and fluid lines

Removing spacers from deck planking

Engine hatches taking shape

Shop Manager, Chad James, fitting the ‘Whiskey Plank’, the last one to lay in position

Placing the plugs, or bungs, one at a time

Time well spent in the pursuit of detailed craftsmanship

Silently waiting in the wings for their forever home

Intricate stainless steel work for Catnip’s interior

All hands on deck sanding before stain

Staining in a methodic wave of color

An amazing transformation with epoxy

More color added to the cloak that envelops this beauty

Bucket seat backs are beginning to take shape

Arm rests for back seat shaping up nicely as well

Her gas tank…waiting its turn for installation

Prepping steel for the window framing

It will be a BEAUTIFUL fold down tray

Polishing work on the many pieces that will make this beauty

Fits like a glove

The first of several times the engines will be lowered in and taken out for measurements

Many interior parts in different stages of construction

The Bimini is starting to take shape

Metal meets wood as the custom seats are being assembled

The Bimini is fitted and put in place

Seat back trays are shaped and fitted by hand

Welding pieces to begin windshield framing

Jess is checking his work and checking again as pieces are set in place

Custom cut and polished on site – window frame looking amazing

Hours of shaping coming together nicely with final finishes being applied

Contrasting details add further levels of personality

Thank you to Michigan State Police for aiding in required weight collection

Catnip makes a quick trip in the cold to move to paint and varnish bay

Metal being custom fit for welding of cut water to begin

Every nook and cranny needs sanding in preparation for clear coat

Custom dove tail joints being glued for assembly

First layer of clear…unbelievable

Next door in the metal shop the cut water creation

Intricate welding on several feet of trim

Soon to be separate pieces to a unique set of boarding steps

Lifted for painting of under side

The beginnings of electrical

Prepping for permanent engine install

Underside painting is moving right along

Custom upholstery finishing up…gorgeous

Rudder mounts the first of metalwork being attached

Catip’s hand crafted steering wheel in the early stages

Many moving parts, cut on site, to be assembled for custom staircase

Welding completed for custom build of several supports for Custnip’s enclosed trailer. They will fit her hull shape perfectly.

Hand turned, machine detailed insert, gorgeous steering wheel

Custom machined wind shield frame with unique accents

Curves and more curves

Ilmor number 2 going into place

And those gorgeous, leather custom seats

It looks amazing in the boat

Headed to gas up for the first time

A sunny day prepping for first engine turn over

More work on the soles so they are ready for final install

Custom Catnip face plate coming soon

Console being fitted for install

Soles looking great and are in place in Catnip