Victoria Z

Victoria Z is the larger, next generation, twin screw version of Alpha Z.

Watch a video produced by The Distance of Ben Van Dam explaining how the boat’s compound wood curves are built.

  • LOA: 34′ 9″
  • Beam: 8′ 6″
  • Displacement: 6,500 lbs
  • Fuel: 150 gal
  • Power: (2) Ford 482 FE @ 550 h.p. each


Turnbuckle attached to pop up cleat above deck for tying off or lifting boat

Bilge pump and associates parts being installed

Polishing 10+ layers of clear coat acrylic urethane to a mirror like finish

Special log that will become her hull

Brock and Ben cutting stringers

Owner watching while cutting planking

Setting up the bulkheads

Jess making custom pop-up cleats

Brock and Ben fairing the chines

Stepped hull taking form

Moving into paint shop


First coat of epoxy

Milling hatch system parts

Ben Van Dam shaping the dashboard

Dash and helm

Ben Van Dam and boat owner

Finishing inside the hull

Boat owner helping trevor painting

Welding the rudder box

Rudder box is attached

Exhaust and surface piercing drive shaft

Finished interior

CV Axel Coupling

The Bow

The Exhausts

Custom Mufflers

A bow shot while Victoria Z has her mechanical work done

Ben and Jess slide one of the engines into the boat

Ben and Jess fit one of the engines into place

Ben checks the fit of the engine

Both engines are in place

The engines and exhaust

Thor working on the engines

More custom metal work for the muffle support brackets

Pieces of the custom metal tube holders

Custom tube holders

Tube holders cut from the CNC machine

Custom tube holder

Seawater strainer mounted

Wet sanding

The dash ready to be sprayed

Getting sprayed

Discussing the details of the dash

Checking the progress

In the paint and varnish shop

A view of the cockpit under construction

Trevor prepping for bottom paint

Preparing to paint the engine compartment

All painted

First time in the sunlight