Tattler II

Tattler II is a modern version of a late 1800’s gaff rigged sloop sailboat. The sandbagger boat type refers to heavy bags that were used for ballast.

  • LOD: 28′ 4″
  • LOA: 63′ 3″
  • Beam: 12′ 4″
  • Displacement: 5,000 lbs
  • S/A: 975 ft. sq.
  • Draft: 2′ Centerboard up. 6′ Centerboard down
  • LWL: 28′ 9″

Ben Van Dam checking the sails during the first water test on Lake Charlevoix

Boat owner catching a little wind on the water test

Taking her out for a test run

No need for sand bags – plenty of Van Dam crew to keep her steady

Rolling the hull over

Final coat of paint

Name painted on

Trevor preps for the waterline paint

Kimbo sews on the leather to the metal hoops

The finished cockpit

Getting ready to go on her cradle

Loading up for delivery

On her way